What TED Talks can teach us about Public Speaking

Language Habit Courses

Outline of the Course

A free four-week, self-paced course on English Oral Communication and Presentation Skills
  You can preview the first two modules.  Please register for all Talks and more interactive content. It’s free!

  •  A self-paced online course where we analyze and practise English from eight hand-picked TED Talks.
  •  Learn functional grammar and rich vocabulary from different topics.
  • Each lesson is designed around a specific grammar function(s) with explanation and practical use-cases.
  •  Register for access to free course content and extra interactive exercises.

The full blended (online/offline) course gives you:

  • We work together to build your own talk or presentation based on the skills and grammar.
  • Sessions and extra assistance to build upon your understanding of the course content.
  •  Eight one-on-one Coaching Sessions at home or your place of work (in Madrid city).
  • Qualified language coaches teachers with in-Company language training experience
  •  Supplemental online and offline content to reinforce the vocabulary and grammar points.
  • Certification Results – a proof-based course.
  • Video recording and evaluation of your final presentation.