What TED Talks can teach us about Public Speaking

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Outline of the Course

A free four-week, self-paced course on English Oral Communication and Presentation Skills
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  •  A self-paced online course where we analyze and practise English from eight hand-picked TED Talks.
  •  Learn functional grammar and rich vocabulary from different topics.
  • Each lesson is designed around a specific grammar function(s) with explanation and practical use-cases.
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The full blended (online/offline) course gives you:

  • We work together to build your own talk or presentation based on the skills and grammar.
  • Sessions and extra assistance to build upon your understanding of the course content.
  •  Eight one-on-one Coaching Sessions at home or your place of work (in Madrid city).
  • Qualified language coaches teachers with in-Company language training experience
  •  Supplemental online and offline content to reinforce the vocabulary and grammar points.
  • Certification Results – a proof-based course.
  • Video recording and evaluation of your final presentation.

Over the next month, we will work together both online and in class on all of the skills required, and provide all of the guidance you need, to draft and deliver a compelling talk or presentation.

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  • Plan, design and deliver presentations with impact

  •  Task based blended course – English Presentation Skills

  • Curated material, based on eight hand-picked TED.com Talks

  • Language focus – Talks selected by CEFR Level, Verb Tenses, Grammar and Vocabulary

  •  16 individual lessons – 8 online / 8 offline, flexible class hours

  •  Supplemental material – downloadable for offline study

  •  Recommended further reading material to reinforce grammar and vocabulary

  •  Responsive design, perfect for tablets and smartphone


  • Learn Presentation Skills from TED 

    The outline: what to expect from this 4-week online, blended-learning course

  • Talk 1: The Internet’s Immune System 

    By exposing vulnerabilities, hackers push the Internet to become stronger and healthier

    • Video: The Internet’s Immune System
    • Intro Questions
    • Vocabulary Match
    • Grammar Point
    • Questions to better understand the video
    • Recap and Task
  • Talk 2: Augmented Reality, sports and empathy 

    Future time clauses, Technology & Ethics, Sports & business and Augmented Reality

    • Video: Augmented reality, sports and empathy
    • Intro Discussion
    • Vocabulary Match
    • Questions to better understand the video
    • Grammar Point: Future Time Clauses
    • Recap Task
  • Talk 3: Don’t insist on English 

    Globalization & Cultural Loss, The English language and the Second Conditional

    • Video: Don’t insist on English
    • Intro Discussion
    • Vocabulary Match
    • Questions to better understand the video
    • Grammar Point: Second Conditional
    • Recap and Task
  • Talk 4: How think about news and media 

    News & Journalism vocabulary, Idioms, Discussion & debate

    • Video: How we think about news and media